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Alexander Rutto Martinez

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In return it is this aid the followers hope to find the way to fulfill his intentions and to see realised his dreams and his more felt yearnings. The pact must be sustained in the loan confidence, in the arduous effort and the credibility that the leader with respect to his real intention to worry about the well-being of all wakes up like about his own On this pact leader and followers they embark in the adventure to sail against by a turbulent sea and with tailwind or but with the security that the strength and the spirit of will take them to union to the bay of the hope from where it will be possible to arrive at the port of the accomplishments. Once conquered the objectives the leadership must be exerted with loyalty, because all arrival is a new principle and the task can never have certain pauses but a definitive end. The leader must renew his leadership in each time scale, that is to say, each goal that are surpassed or each obstacle that put its force of will on approval and his capacity to motivate to accompanies those who it. It is clear since to lead he is not only to issue orders or to be made follow but, and this is most important, in offering guarantee of which all are going to share the successes and all will have an endorsement before the adversities in case these appear. Alexander Rutto Martinez is prestigious an academic italo-Colombian, tie at present to several universities and organizations of professional formation. He exerts in addition as journalist and she is lecturer of events in forums, encounter and seminaries. You can make contact with enemy with him through mail or by movable telephone 300 8055526..

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