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Site launch of new multimedia Tischlein teaching me after the first successful trade fair appearance at didacta in Cologne is the multimedia and multi-functional work desk Teachtable now with a new Web presence of all its good sides. There to see there once the model Herzog Ernst of the high-tech stage in lime-green design, with the same name cooperative comprehensive school in Gotha is equipped since February.Fard + Hegenbart the interior designers from Konstanz to go with mobile stations, countless individual devices to combine, cable clutter, or missing components. “Now anything is possible with only a piece of furniture: because of the new, compact and robust Teachtable is the first teaching and seminar table, which combines all the technology. This multimedia table was equipped with a notebook and a video – DVD player with amplifier and speakers, as well as a visualizer for the cooperative comprehensive school “Duke Ernst” Gotha. In addition, this model offers connections for a video and data projector, an interactive whiteboard, an additional laptop, a projector or printer and other devices. As in the classroom all the time, a computer is necessary, it was important that the visualizer in this high-tech table can be used also isolated, without having the notebook must be ramped up the designers.

Basic idea of Interior designers Termeh Fard and Andreas Hegenbart was to offer a work desk for lectures and teaching, which provides all necessary connections as the basis. Her concept is to adapt the equipment flexibly to the needs: therefore the new is Teachtable in various trim levels and different colors available – the individual devices and functional elements can be gradually retrofitted. The new high-tech table is not only practical, but also easy to use: all devices can quickly deploy itself, making the entire media technology is readily available. The multimedia devices, control panels and connectors are clearly and user friendly arranged. If his technique inner life is not used, which is Teachtable use like a normal table. All internal devices are then in the compact enclosure and protected against misuse by unauthorized users and vandalism.

Since February, there are 18 classroom of cooperative comprehensive school “Duke Ernst” in Gotha with the Teachtable equipped. Teacher Uwe Bergner is excited about the new”teacher’s table 2.

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October 19th, 2023 at 5:56 pm

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