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But relate the colorful pictures consumes much more energy than the regular computer work. Therefore, it makes sense to turn off your computer. The switchable plug-in bar can help actually separating all equipment from the power. Who switch from a PC to a laptop, can save up to two-thirds of electricity. When the printer the labels Blue Angel and TCO 99 on the Office equipment are as energy-efficient. Good entertainment with TV & co large LCD TVs promise a crystal clear picture, but also high electricity costs. Therefore one should at the time of purchase on the consumption data always pay attention or inform yourself at the seller.

Power to enable home helps save including turning off the TV. Many leave the room and let the TV run further. Adjustment of brightness and contrast also helps to reduce consumption. Light & energy saving lighting accounts for nearly one-tenth of the annual electricity bill. Instead to persevere in the dark, you can upgrade to LED or energy-saving lamps.

For the light, they will spend 80 percent less power and can save up to 80 euros. Despite all the advantages, energy-saving lamps are polluters. They contain mercury and belong in the hazardous waste. Surprisingly, halogen lamps use comparable to much electricity as conventional light bulbs. You can find more tips on the monthly Newsletter of the ever energy group. See also: newsletter / every saved kilowatt hour will ultimately the environment and the budget. Anyone who would like to reduce his electricity costs in addition, should think about a provider change to eco power or of an own photovoltaic system. See also. price comparison-power and-gas / who itself produces solar power, frees itself from future electricity price rises so. The installation of PV systems more profitable plant the ever energy group, which has built since 2007 over 700 photovoltaic in Berlin, Brandenburg, Dresden, Hamburg and Munster.

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November 23rd, 2018 at 4:18 am

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