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The housing policy in Venezuela is contained in the regulations published in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela No. 39304 on November 11, 2009, called: technical standards on requirements and documentation for the granting of mortgage loans for acquisition of main house. In that instrument we can find the necessary requirements to qualify for a loan of housing policy with resources of the mandatory savings fund for housing (faov) and of the Bank’s own resources. To finance the purchase of a home, the interested parties must submit a series of documents of personal, economic and warranty. Below list all these precautions: the loan can be requested for up to three people of the family group. Be Venezuelan.

In case of foreigner, have legal residence. Admission to declare will be monthly corresponding to those levied by the family group and determined by the comprehensive salary. To be beneficiary of the mortgages for housing policy, the beneficiaries should be quoting, be solvent with the faov and have a minimum of twelve quotations. Not owning main home. In the past five years, the beneficiaries must not have received loans of housing policy.

Photocopy of the identity card. Marriage certificate or a certificate of cohabitation. Tax information (RIF) registration. Affidavit expressing are not primary homeowners. Mortgage loan application form. Proof of bank account opening. Original and photocopy of proof of work. Bank reference. Personal balance sheet signed by public accountant. Three latest payroll. Statements of bank accounts in the past three months. Declaration of income tax. A certificate of registration in the faov. Copies of the documents of ownership of the property to be purchased. Condominium document. Option to purchase for a period of 90 days with 3-day extension. Certification of lien on the property that corresponds to the last ten years. Appraisal of the property. Municipal solvency of urban real estate tax. Cadastral tab. Identity document of RIF and sellers. As for the direct housing subsidy, to be beneficiary, the applicant not must have received previously any other subsidy or assistance of a similar nature by the State. Once the mortgage is protocolice, the beneficiaries are obliged to submit the registration of the main dwelling in one period not greater than ninety working days from the granting of the purchase sale.

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