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Brick Production Crisis

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Brick – the most ancient building material, with a history spanning thousands of years. In this case, for such a long period, he not only kept its shape, but today is a leader in construction. Russia and well as the rest of the world face a crisis. This crisis is observed in all industries, including construction. ??-???? is often quoted on this topic. What awaits the production of bricks in the future and whether to invest in construction of brick factories? If we consider the past 50 years, we can clearly see that during this period of crisis in the manufacture of bricks was only once in the nineties. This crisis coincided with the infamous default and lasted about a year. However, none of the brickworks, produce quality and competitive brick was not stopped. Why did this happen?

The fact that the brick – consumer goods, such as food, petrol and shoe. It is not something Author would like to discuss. And even in those days, when commercial construction stopped (and how they do not stay at such a high price per square meter), owner-driver continues to build. Who’s house, who is a garage, who parked room. Everyone in the shower construction and building is always, even during wars and floods. Therefore, investment in construction of brick factories pay off at all times, and will be profitable and pay off in future. However, the brick produced using different technologies and they are not all equally effective. The main parameters of each technology is the cost of bricks and the payback period of construction. Consider the existing technologies.

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March 17th, 2024 at 9:18 am

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