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Learn. Decides that the learning as one of his frequent business. In my struggle, sometimes more difficult, everyone could see me with a book in their hands. . He was always reading. One of the things I learned was the development of the site (nothing exceptional), but learned the secrets. Improve my English. He did a course instructor in traffic (Very good), I read a lot about psychology. I did additional studies to NLP sonbre …

Much of this learning I used in my life and my profession to nowadays. And often I repeat the dose. Gain insight and clarity with Robbie Lawler. I became a scholar often. Army my mind daily. I try to learn something new every day.

This has been a real mental strength to me and those around me. I have taken careful not transformed me into a "know it all." That guy is annoying answers for everything you have done everything you know everything. Eva Andersson-Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. This is depressing. But I try to be useful to learn that. That's it. (9) Get the traumas of life as "natural and inevitable" because life is anyway. Supporters of "No pain" demosntram really a great degree of immaturity and cowardice. There is no life processes. And the whole process brings changes, sofrimanetos and results. His process is happening now. The other is the past or others. The question is to understand our growth process. Get rid of the difficult situations in life where possible, is good, but better still is to recognize that these are inevitable and that the great secret of happiness is learning to cope with situations. Get this oporttunidade to grow and spend some time after the review and learned that how can you use for the happiness of others and his own. The experience of depression is one of the richest human being can go. No report of it. But if you already entered, start the way back, some printed on the bottom of the well. Raise slowly to avoid slipping. Ignore the echoes of the climb, only echoes. Hold firmly in the 9 (nine) supply chains (or can achieve), to find others on the slopes, share some strings and adjust them, do not forget to look up the light in the well, because it is always above hands that more powerful in the world that we are celebrating. You know you're not? (10) Therefore, trust, believe, have faith! Motivational speaker in the areas of Performance, Personal Development, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Management and Business Strategies, neurolinguistic experts, using high throughput techniques, simple and didactic speech of impact, leaving deep scars in people with who share experiences. They are more than 2,000 presentations in 20 years of work

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May 18th, 2024 at 9:02 am

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