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CEWE On The IFA 2011

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Advanced quality standards in the photo industry Berlin/Oldenburg, in September 2011. Just in time at the IFA 2011, Europe’s leading photo services CEWE presents its software and product innovations. For 50 years, the company with its headquarters in Oldenburg in the photo industry is active. With the CEWE photo book of Fotofinisher a success story written, which could better show the transition from the analog to the digital world of photography. At the IFA in Berlin, the company introduces innovative designs, as well as a streamlined ordering software and makes all honor to his name as ‘First Mover’. CEWE’s corporate culture is characterized by continuous development. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sela Ward.

So, the photo service providers repeatedly penetrate into new worlds: from analogue to digital, in the field of mobile applications, or in the future in the field of integrated features in the TV. This development summarizes Harald H. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Pirwitz, executive marketing & sales at CEWE, as follows: “innovativeness is one of the building blocks of CEWE. Thanks to this continuous strive for innovation and The transition from the analog to the digital world of photography in a such a successful form succeeded in improvements. CEWE aims to set new standards in the quality”, as Palani. “We want to prove this with the photo products 2011 presented by us at the IFA and software optimizations.” Very nice smart In the mobile space, CEWE sets trends. This year, the photo service providers with the “CEWE.print” app introduces a new technique for Sofortfotos on the CEWE photo Office. Thus, it is possible to transfer the photos from the iPhone for the printing.

An already excellent highlight is the CEWE phone album. Apple iPhone user can directly create after you install of the app on your device a CEWE phone album in Leporello execution. And who is looking after the next CEWE photo Office, develop the photos to make, finds very quickly and easily with the junaio app. A further highlight of the functionality is the integration in Facebook, at the a self designed CEWE photo book directly in the personal Facebook account can upload, share it with friends.

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February 15th, 2023 at 8:18 pm

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