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Christmas Celebrating Life

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Christmas is a celebration of life, the life of our planet: One of the most beautiful Christian traditions is the making of the manger scene (…) The population growth, environmental requirements and increasing the number of stalls that are made endanger the natural balance of the soil, as these musguitos play an irreplaceable role in ecosystems: they protect bare soil, cover the rocks, provide optimal conditions of moisture and nutrients to germinate and grow other seeds, prevent erosion and hold moisture. In the past, the use of moss in births could be insignificant and greater environmental impact. Today there are other connotations. Imagination and creativity are a constant challenge to find alternative elements in the development of our beautiful cribs. – Published on the website of the Archdiocese of Merida on Saturday September 17, 2005.

This site uses only fragments; emphasis added. Alternatives to make a manger scene may be used other materials such as sand, pebbles, sawdust, sawdust, paint, paper, cardboard, cloth, jute and all materials that indicate your imagination. You can take the opportunity to live with your children, making a manger scene with recycled material. Remember, all plants, from the smallest to the largest are important for the balance of life of our forests and cloud moors. When we destroy the moss not only destroy them but we’re destroying an ecosystem. Protects the moss, hay (wooden beard) and tree ferns (fern trunks). Do not remove them. Do not sell. Do not buy. Notes: (1) newspaper El Tiempo, Colombia (2) Protecting musguito Project, Venezuela: (3) News The Front, Colombia (4) Mosses of Chile: Image: Sandro Bellosta Architect – Graphic Design: Francis Lau – Barquisimeto 2008 (with slight modifications Vinculando.org) For more information see Linking originally,.

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September 14th, 2010 at 6:40 pm

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