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Christmas Tree Fun

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This Christmas, “you dare to ask? The shopping center Barcelona invites you to enjoy a special Christmas magic hand of the artist collective and Els Altres Narac. Come to the port of Barcelona to experience with Aurora, a Christmas tree and atypical musical. Maremagnum shopping center opens its doors to all those who still believe in wishes. Within the grounds of the center is Aurora, a Christmas tree. Aurora is an amazing musical instrument in the guise of an unusual Christmas tree. In it, visitors can print their desires under a visual and musical universe.

His appearance in any material seduces. Within its structure lies a universe of lights, color and sound in which all are invited to interact freely laser printing to its most cherished desires. Every word, sentence and / or drawing with its own light shine. Come to the port of Barcelona and enjoy a special Christmas. Maremagnum Barcelona For the past two seasons has Maremagnum proposed to present Christmas in a more innovative. After the concept of recycling last year, this new campaign has shifted to a more artistic field, more sensitive, more dream … What we would ask for christmas? Maremagnum wants to become a new district of Barcelona, with culture to awaken curiosity and stimulate the senses.

A place where actions and events held for the public. Collective Narac and Els Altres conjunction with Lemon Drops and ELS NARAC altres is a collective born in Barcelona in 2006. He works mainly in the audiovisual, staging and design (Roger Vicente Salazar, Marcos Alonso Ruiz, Joan Achon Cancer; Carles Munne Blanco, Gonzalo David Sauzea Ruscalleda). They are interested in and enjoy a special way with all projects that carry a load and a risky creative staging attractive. Other work included the exposure Drap Art exhibition at the CCCB and Reactable: Musical Instrument interface tangible (currently on display at the following museums: CosmoCaixa LABoral Madrid, Gijon. Shortly we will be at the Science Museum in Montreal, CosmoCaixa Barcelona (forthcoming) and the Science Museum in Athens for its part, is a Lemon Drops independent creative producer of shows and events like the Fantasy Show and the Changing Room, as well as support for contemporary young artists in different art shows.

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September 18th, 2010 at 12:01 am

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