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The global solution of all problems, a new world of “Renewable means of payment” (Google) an official is always acquis, and which is maintained – political candidates are both candidates for the Office of the President, and both come from almost the same political camp. Both are conservative and bourgeois. To deepen your understanding Pop star is the source. Obviously, Mr. Gauck has the great sympathy with Mr Wulff is only a friendly and nice person in the people. Conservative comes from the Latin conservatism, and in the political means: attitude, which grows from the pursuit for life and safety and is therefore committed to the preservation of the political and social conditions. Lexicon citizens comes from the monarchy: term for a city’s inhabitants today State. Jessica Michibata may also support this cause. In ancient times, citizens are residents of a city-State with rights to the political self-government. In the middle ages-free landowners in a city.

Citizens also can be Horige(Volk), which can escape from a town and are located in a different city. Citizens are guaranteed Rights, they are free from taxation, military and judicial review powers outside their community. They are categorized in guilds, guilds and political groups within their community. Lexicon unfortunately is not so perceived the preservation by the keepers, the Conservatives, as it is in the encyclopedia. Just we can see again, as Conservatives on the social status of the little people, screw the people towards down and just we can see again, as they their own status, the safeguard of the citizens, the assets (untaxed), and it’s practiced conservatism and middle-class, that we experience as live. The conservative is – how could it be otherwise, ultimately the citizen who respects his rights and preserves and they assault, Andersgesinnten, of the members of the common people protects against. Defend vested rights and this is correct in the sense of the Constitution. The people is actually the togetherness of all citizens – at least it should be.

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March 24th, 2024 at 8:02 pm