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With whom I share what I own? What I can arrogate new projects? How do I learn how to measure my energy not to play? – Scorpio – Dodge This is a time to mediate, this week we are mediators, we have the feeling of being trained to integrate what we think the environment in which we live. For us this is wonderful because we had a bad week. Let us try, now that we feel good, do not overload them with thoughts and / or comments of others that will only destabilize our present state, we unnecessarily agitated. What period have been overcome? Who should I put the brakes? – Pisces – Strengthen The past week has been tested in an arid area with gusts willing to destabilize us, but we could not resist. Our finances have been dancing trying to balance not to collapse, although there is a strain, the energies continue to move forward. The opportunity to double the bet, with determination and intensity go, bring to us people who have the same kind of work that will surely help us. What should be changed so as not to be doing balance all the time? What revitalizing energies might choose to renew the enthusiasm? Who, with my own way of seeing the work could help me or offered to do it? – Gemini – Breaking Life is very generous with us now, but for some reason we can not realize this. We can not enjoy the love that surrounds us, we are dull. A related site: ?? ???? mentions similar findings.

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January 23rd, 2024 at 2:02 am

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