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Dream Come True

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A year before the purchase I have chosen a building for the future of the computer. In case a rigorous and thoughtful design, the real server. Wall Thickness – millimeter steel. There is a place for the five fans. This I particularly liked a other buildings, I so much places for fans not seen. Weight body, and fifteen pounds, also inspired confidence, as well as retractable legs for maximum stability. No screw mounting system Hard Drives, and opening the cover. It was a powerful and reliable power supply from the company.

It was dark gray, almost black color. It cost three thousand rubles. At that point I had no job and money for it. A year passed. I got a job in the summer holidays. Some money, and it was possible to start buying parts for the future kompyutera.Dengi has long been, but the product in presence of all there was.

Buy something else I did not want selected body seemed to me an ideal choice for the future of the computer. Left each day to check its availability in stock through an online store. I knew that the housing is sold without a fan, and bought them in advance as appear when the body can also snatch them. One fine evening appeared on housing stock. Seeing it on the internet, I immediately booked him. The next morning I was at the entrance to the store and waited for his opening. Open it for some reason not in a hurry, this time pulling up to fifteen minutes.

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March 22nd, 2014 at 11:40 am

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