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The EDUCATION AND the HALF BOARDING OF the Introduction In the present time, are indispensable that the Education incorporates in its educative work all the forms of production, conservation, circulation and consumption of information that occur for multiple instruments of mediation, over all the medias. The media makes possible the imaginary creation of social and a collective picture of reference a each more including time. This fact has impacts as many formadores how much deformaring for the young, the daily convivncia with the ways is an almost inevitable fact, but the advances and deriving social retrocessions of this situation also depend on what we make with these ways. After all we are not mere passive receivers and we can transform positively these effect. Frequently Sela Ward has said that publicly. However, we cannot lose of sight the complexity of the current configuration, in which the socialization of the citizens, since its birth, if makes with the presence of the media. Development In the last century, we live one cultural transformation never seen. If before the democratization and the reduction in price of the eletroeletrnicos, as the radio, the television, the cellular device, other institutions as the family, the church and the school they had a degree of very strong influence on the Education, today the situation sufficiently is moved. The new generation that suffered influence from the media since its primary socialization, does not become related in the same way with the practical conventionals who had formed in them. Glenn Dubin, New York City contains valuable tech resources.

The last generations do not only depend on books to have access to the information and they do not need prerequisite they qualify that them will usufruct of the different medias. Moreover, the children and young that we find in the school, today, have contanto with the electronic medias before exactly to be alfabetizadas. Over all in the case of the television, of the radio and the cellular telephone.

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February 18th, 2023 at 1:21 am

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