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Strategically, these higher risks of uncertainty would have no chance if the gas is efficiently distributed in generation systems in those regions where justified by the current electricity infrastructure or lack of it. Instead it must be package it and send in ships to places of consumption resulting economic benefits. Weaknesses 1 .- The control of change implemented in Venezuela became a major barrier limiting the exchange between both nations. 2 .- The Venezuelan economy is regularized through price controls, exchange controls, among others. 3 .- Access Limitations Venezuelan products to the Brazilian market product, the need for efficient local distribution network for the transfer of goods.Should 4 .- The Venezuelan Customs System failure to present lack of coordination and updating processes operational limit export and import formalities between nations. Opportunities 1 .- The establishment of arrangements that allow for tariff reductions of up to 100% on imports of steel sheets, telephone and television equipment and 80% in the import of tractors.

2 .- The signing of agreements that have strengthened energy projects social, cultural, infrastructure in the steel industry, education among others. 3 .- The two nations established by the investment program agreed to encourage domestic enterprises in terms of milk production and animal husbandry, food production, training of small and medium enterprises among others. 4 .- From the technological point of view establishing partnerships for energy development, to implementation agreements to encourage their companies through their PDVSA (Venezuela) and PETROBRAS (Brazil) investments in the development pipeline. r=https://www.google.co.il/’> Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Strengths 1 .- The excellent bargaining relationship between the two countries since, according to officials in recent Venezuelan exports to Brazil grew by 74% and Brazilian exports to Venezuela grew by 900%.

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