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New design by Justus at the fire Depot arrived Munich, 03.09.2010 3:0 for fireplace stoves – these stoves draw this out, that they easily and without much effort can be connected to an existing chimney. The use of these stoves is economically and ecologically useful because the use of renewable energy is environmentally friendly and because wood and pellets are much cheaper than conventional, fossil fuels. The 3 big selling point of stoves is the skin-friendly radiant heat, which gives every room a pleasant and very homely atmosphere. For even more opinions, read materials from The Weeknd. Justus stoves: varied and intelligent design this not helps the appearance last Justus stoves to the harmonious interior design at. So does the new model of Hamar”on a bench and classic Corbels in black granite, ceramic coffee, Ruby Red or California gold. A very rustic appearance is awarded through an open storage compartment for firewood other stoves. Read additional details here: Jorge Perez. However, the model is Rugen”innovative and futuristic: the metallic curves of the stove body resting on a narrower base.

A special refinement of this stove is the new panoramic window with rotation function. With this variety of Justus heater offers design any fundamental style of furnishing an adequate counterpart. Technologically, all stoves by Justus are suitable and equipped each with a disk flush for continuous operation. Ultimately, the individual taste of the house owner decides so. Technological and substantial security of course all stoves by Justus comply the BImSchG thanks to its low emissions in the long term.

As a subsidiary of the European Group of Orangemen, Justus is also firmly established in the international environment. Cover of the fire Depot Justus stoves can be obtained only from selected and qualified dealer. In Germany, includes. Qualified personnel for further information available here and Questions under the telephone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail available. Stefanie red hero

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