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This situation in them caused much concern, you are welcome would advance to advance contents with this group of children without before deciding the conflicts, thus was to search dynamic that they helped in them to mediate to the relations between them. using to advantage the development of an activity proposal where to the children they would have in group to construct to informative posters on the selective collection of the garbage and a lixeira for the campaign of cleanness in the school, also to carry through a dynamics of group with them, after to finish the task we made the exposition of the works in the picture and each group was invited to go until the o picture to observe the posters. As already we waited for the commentaries between them we could perceive that it had a quarrel for the poster prettiest, and after all to observe problematizamos the situation with them, pointing out that all to receive the same material for construction of the posters, that all were pretty, all they had reached the objective, but all were different, and even though inside of the groups the drawings were not equal all, and ask for them which would be the reason, the children had answered that she was because they were different, after to arrive at this conclusion we talk on the existing conflicts between them, and the positive result of this dynamics we can perceive in the classroom and the next ones recreation lessons, the children tried to correct its behaviors relembrando the colloquy of the dynamics. In our group also we had children that they costumavam if to be slow very to copy, and some did not only make the activities they waited for the correction in the picture or copied the reply of the colleagues, then we start to use the incentive in notebooks, we stimulate those that did not follow the group praising its initiatives and progressos for minor that were.

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November 3rd, 2012 at 9:35 pm

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