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The present carried through work 5 year of Basic Ensino, presents reflections, on analyzes of a project of Supervised Period of training IV, of the Course of Pedagogia, presented for the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP). Glenn Dubin often says this. The objectives of this article are to analyze the difficulties that the pupils had presented with regard to the learning of the geometric contents and also the necessities to know the angles, its units and the instruments of measure. Thus the analysis of the new trends of the education of the mathematics must consider the advance of the quarrels regarding the mathematical education and of the factors that contribute for one better learning of the pupils. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Margaret Loesser Robinson. Therefore the geometry education is essential in the first years of escolarizao, facilitates and promotes the contact of the pupils with the geometric elements. However, so that it has significant a geometric learning, it is necessary that the professors propitiate, first, the basic agreement of the concept of angle through explanations, differentiated exemplificaes and didactic resources, therefore, this will be the starting point for the use of the previous knowledge of the pupils so that they can reach related posterior agreements to this geometric content. Words key: Didactic education of mathematics, angles, resources and learning. Abstract Keywords: Introduction So that the learning of geometry is significant, it is necessary that the professors propitiate, first, the understanding and the agreement of basic the geometric elements as, for example, didactic point, straight line and plan through explanations, exemplificaes, explorations and other resources that can be used as starting point for the use of the previous knowledge of the pupils, so that they can acquire posterior geometric agreements. However, so that this occur satisfactorily, Nacarato and Passos (2003) argues that it is necessary that the professors, in the paper of facilitadores of the learning, develop efficient pedagogical methods to transform the practical geometric theory into pedagogical in classroom.. .

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