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Filesharing Network Herabora

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Spend much time online and often download various useful or just interesting information? Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort – we must first find the file, with no certainty about reliability of the source and quality, and then to long to download, may also in part … You can avoid this. Quickly and completely to download the new movie, music, book or program, and even make money on this – is a real possibility. The owners of file-sharing network of national Herabora created just such a portal. In parallel with the file sharing site operates. Taken together, the contemporary service, which provides its users to publish, download and send each other multimedia content.

In addition, you can view online-video chat, if you want to online-diary. Very handy for entertainment, school or work and even additional income. File-sharing network "Herabora" – the principle of networking Herabora is absolutely free (you pay only for traffic), download latest music and movies. In many network games programs, books, pictures, you can watch the webcast. It is planned to start a chat section and user blogs. Ease of use – is one of the main advantages of "Herabory." To view the network and catalog file just go to the site. The right to work in the system – download and distribute files (ie, provide their files to other users) are all registered users. Sign in file-sharing network "Herabora" and can be on the site, and through the client system.

File Sharing is a high rate – you select the file from the directory, click the button "download" and download starts immediately, if distributing the user is online. The higher the popularity of the file so it can be faster to download. Concern for the purity of content – one of the priorities of the owners of the network. The system uses its own rules of moderation and selection files. For example, some software and a database is prohibited to publish, in accordance with federal law. The possibility of earning extra money – a nice bonus for users of file-sharing network. File Sharing Community bonuses fayloobmennika Herabora can put your files for download by other users of the system. Active users, as publishers and downloaders, get bonus remuneration. Ie even users who download the file, and then distribute it to others, receive bonuses. Bonuses earned can be redeemed for Webmoney (WMR). Exchange money at the current rate, which is constantly updated to website and in the system. Exchange partners make service "Herabora." Currently, there is an opportunity to receive bonuses for all users regardless of ISP. This is a great opportunity for all lovers earn extra money. Register online "Herabora" until the entrance into it is open to all and earn with us!

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July 7th, 2011 at 7:43 pm

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