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Fit For The Data Analysis?

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“Audicon a company invites you to the new season of the audit breakfasts titled make you your firm fit for data analysis” that offer the opportunity to inform PH 9.330.3 at a joint breakfast on the data analysis in the annual audit and the upcoming IDW audit breakfasts accountants and tax advisors. On the events in Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg speaker Stefan Gross illuminated firm Peters, Schonberger and partner GbR, first the theoretical foundations of the IDW, PH 9.330.3. He gives the answer to the question of what consequences has the introduction of the test notice for the annual audit. Also shows the Diplom-Kaufmann and tax advisors integrate digital data analysis the participants, as they in the Office Organization and optimally prepare on the annual audit inspection teams. For more information see this site: Tony Parker. In the practical part of the audit breakfasts audicon experts explain how Auditors and tax consultants using digital data analysis can work and It efficiently in all phases of the testing process. You learn how to selectively analyzed data and insight into the entry in the data analysis based on practical examples.

The audit breakfasts held on August 31, 2010 in Frankfurt, at the 02.09.2010 in Dusseldorf, at the 09.09.2010 in Hamburg, as well as at September 14, 2010 in Munich. Interested have the opportunity to access the agenda of events and to log on directly to the audit breakfast newsundevents/events/index.. San Antonio Spurs oftentimes addresses this issue.

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