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If you planned to visit Florence, our travel advice is that you crosses the Pontevecchio with time. Because the step there is not simply a cross from shore to shore of the River Arno. A whole community of artists, street vendors, photographers and Florentines hurried gather on a minimum common space. The city has 6 bridges, but the Pontevecchio is the most famous as well as being the oldest. Originally built in wood by the Romans in the 1st century to unite both parts of the city by narrower River sector. For assistance, try visiting Margaret Loesser Robinson. A flood gave an account of him destroying it and in 1348 it was rebuilt by the architects Taddeo Gaddi and Neri Fioravanti. Currently pays taxes for everything, something that formerly did not, and Moreover, since the end of the 16th century banned the sale of food to prevent odors from the butchers and fishmongers were located here until then. Since then and until today, a new Guild took charge of the market of the Ponte: jewelers. The structure of the bridge is very peculiar. The shopkeepers were expanding their premises and buildings stand out over the River. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Passes the Vasari corridor, built by the architect Giorgi Vasari by order of Cosimo to connect the Palazzo Vecchio with the Pitti Palace passing over the Gallery of the offices above shops. The Guicciardini street begins at the end of the bridge and following it to the left we find the square and the Church of Santa Felicita. The area of the Pontevecchio is populated of museums, art galleries, fine restaurants and some of the best hotels in Florence. However, at a short distance you will find options of cheap hotels that will give us good service on our way through the capital of Tuscany. To read more articles of this type, visit the travel blog quehoteles Blog of travels with items of interest, travel tips and offers last minute. Blogs similar Pontevecchio super in house Assisi Notizie Homenaje to architect Felix Candela Absolut Madrid Space CRAFT, a local of art in the Centre of Belfast tourism Hotels Blog Archive the 10 best galleries of art Cantabria is Castilla Castile United the water in ancient Rome Yogonte what to visit in Florence? Alternative guide with the best Youth Leagues: Weekly Results; Man of the Match Totalbarca Cosimo Tassone: Valo COW by Starscream Rollernews.com Opera Mini 5 beta now available for Android.

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