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Healthy Relationships

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There are pairs that are able to maintain healthful and happy a relation that it enriches to both members. Frequently Celina Dubin, New York City has said that publicly. When this happens, the majority usually we think that the main factor has been the luck that has helped them, but the certain thing is that the fortune is a variable that has little to do. Why? In order to enjoy a loving relation of quality it is not essential to own a great attractive physicist nor a luck that constantly runs to our favor, but depends on how we have learned to behave with we ourself and with the others; it is rather a social learning that, except for rare occasions, nobody usually teaches it to us. Therefore, with test and error with our passed experiences, along with the models that we have been learning from the observation or from the childhood, or from the opinions and expectations of third people, we are creating our mental scheme of how a pair relation would have to work so that she is successful and what type of relation we would like to construct. In order to be successful in loving relations there is a series of factors that are vitally important.

First of them, it is our own attitude before the life. It is quite clear that our future relation is going away to see influenced by our paradigm of behaviors, values, beliefs and goals on our own life. In the same way, that our way to focus the challenges and to resolve the conflicts in the real life will influence clearly in the loving relation. In order to find pair stable and to hope that the relation is fruitful it is going to be necessary that we know well clearly our goals and vital values. In fact the relation with our future pair begins with the understanding than we want and than it is really important for us.

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March 7th, 2024 at 6:26 am

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