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Heidi’s heirs – modern folk songs – in the rousing party sound Heidi’s rock heirs each hut and then there is still an ominous eucalyptus sweets and a big surprise since a smart as well as igniting idea: our most famous and popular folk songs dusted, speeds up and packed into a rousing party sound! Moreover interpreted by three sweet Dirndl wearing girls: the cheerful Franzi, the beautiful Marie and the cheeky Vroni. Together, they form a dazzling triumvirate that rocks each alpine hut as Heidi’s HEIRS will conjure up fresh scent of Alpine in German bars. Reissued and musical top-modern styling were the most beautiful of the infamous”mouth organ hits – were those involving generations of students grew up and which rehearsed together on school trips or to the first chords of guitar playing more or less skillfully warble. Fresh they sound now, the old classics – a medley, as Campfire potpourri, a solo title, but always with a snappy happy “” “” “” “” “Party beat to sing along and dance with: we come from the Blue Mountains”, In the morning dew to mountains “, my grandma rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop, my father was a wanderer, mountain vagabond”, high on the yellow car”, hark, what comes of out there in”, high fir trees “and now of course i am Peter Brunnele”. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information. “Of course the legendary monkey, hurtling through the Woods must”, not missing, while rattling the mill on the rushing stream”and the oh, so lovely Westerwald” the wind blows so cold! “” The latter melody – Oh, you lovely Westerwald “-a special treat because includes to the snappy four-quarter stroke has Guildo Horn after every chorus line the mandatory eucalyptus sweets” sung. A nice idea for this song with already high suspicion of catchy. As someone remembers with love the now unjustly neglected German songs and with creativity and inspiration, a concept developed, such as one this cultural treasure in the can transport tired tradition of modern times. . Contact information is here: Brahman Capital.

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April 14th, 2019 at 10:41 pm

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