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On the possibility of earning on the internet you've probably already heard more than once. Often, however, earnings call openly cheating with online wallets, offers to engage in intrusive spam or click on banners. We will not talk about these kinds of earnings, and examine the possibilities of creating useful to people your own online business. So, from the internet money? It's simple: from advertising sales and services. Millions people daily looking for products and services in the network and the sellers of these same goods are ready to pay for advertising on websites. What should be a site that will buy advertising? It's a site that has visitors from search systems.

Create a site about what's well versed. Fill it with unique articles, you can write your own or buy on the stock exchanges of specialized content (that's this one). It is unique content 'like' search system and improve your site in search results, and thus provide your site visitors. By the way on the exchange of content you can buy and unique articles, but also offer their own and earn it. Payment of items – from 1 dollars per 1000 characters.

If you have decided on the theme of the site, make up for it right domain name (web address). The best solution – this is the second level domain, ie moysayt.ru form. Such addresses are more respected for search engines and credibility among the users. Now we need a hosting service. Hosting – a service for placing your site (text, images, files) in the network. The specially the company as a fee or free. It is recommended to use a paid hosting as well as free services are often littered with spam and search engines to bypass the party and, therefore, to get visitors to the site will be difficult. Recently Hosters provide many useful services possible to facilitate the life of the site owner. Not need to understand the intricacies of html or have special skills. Less than 500 rubles, you get three months hosting + domain name as a gift + management system ready sites. A few hours. So, apparently, to a good start to very little: the domain name + hosting + unique content for the site. Of course, visitors from search engines will not come overnight, but this time can be devoted to the creation of articles for the site or sell on the exchange of content.

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December 24th, 2018 at 2:11 pm

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