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In The Harz, The Witches Are Going On Again!

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Numerous visitors experience this year again a colorful mix of magic and folklore in the Harz mountains. On the night of May 1, it is again so far: in this so called Walpurgis night the witches as every year meet on the Hexentanzplatz near Thale in the resin in the connection to get on your broom and fly to the Walburgisnacht. According to the legend, you should marry there with the devil. The Walpurgisfest was originally probably a feast for a spring goddess. In large parts of Germany was celebrated on their wedding day dropped. Later, the Church in the context of Christianization has put on the feast of Saint Walpurga this pagan custom.

This was an Anglo-Saxon Benedictine, which theodgar in the 8th century in Germany. Work of Goethe’s “Faust” has been known in addition the Walpurgisfeier made. In his text, Faust was taken by Mephisto on the brocken, where vicious orgies took place. A large series of events with an extensive culture is from this ancient custom to welcome the spring, over the past years and Become folk festival programme, which thousands of visitors from home and abroad not to be missed and on many roads in the Harz mountains, already seen many “Witches” and “Devil”. The Walpurgis night exerts a strong attraction not only for the younger generation. The mixture of traditions and magic is fascinating for all age groups. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City wanted to know more. This year numerous events take place in the entire Harz region again.

In Schierke, for example, where on April 30 at 13:00 the gates to the Park opens and a mystical atmosphere captures the visitors and guests, as soon as they enter the Park. Move to the beat of medieval music dancer and juggler, fire-eater impress with high flame their power over the element. Numerous theatre groups entertain the visitors, while various goods are offered by medieval market criers. But also in many other towns in the Harz, the celebrations are accompanied by fireworks and cultural events. Remains in some cases the choice of a lovely Queen of may on the Program. “The Walpurgis night is a peak in the Harz region. without doubt”, says Hans Peter Eng Elbe rights, owner of the popular Internet portal “Resin-travel”, which focuses on the provision of holiday homes and specializes in vacation rentals in the Harz mountains. “We are very pleased this old tradition for young and old to find ever more friends and we wish you much success, fun and good weather all organisers and visitors”, says Hans Peter Eng Elbe rights continue. Hans Peter Eng Elbe rights

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October 7th, 2023 at 12:02 pm

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