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Carefully Pick up the toys in accordance with the age of the baby, do not try to get ahead of ourselves. Especially useful for developing those kids who have difficulty in communicating with peers, difficulty getting used to the new. In recent months, William Allen has been very successful. For the smallest crumbs there toys that develop motor skills and to help handle teeth. There are 5 age categories developmental toys, CHICCO: 0 + (for newborns) new born chicco something with which faces the newborn affects his perception of the world. This pipsqueak opens the light through the sensations and feelings.

The main incentive for the child's attention in this age are a tiny bedside toys – pendants and mobiles with music, active bedside panel, play rugs, and soft toys. All these stimulate the baby to move and perform actions, and develop auditory, tactile perception, the movement of objects and colors. 3 + (first month) first month chicco time goes by, your baby is more exploring, more moves, doing everything with greater precision, lack of surrounding objects. Particularly active toddlers begin to move with half a year. The development of auditory skills, motor coordination, tactile provide gym facilities, rattles and the first toys. There are some toys out for a walk with attachment to the stroller and for bathing. For more specific information, check out Glenn Dubin.

9 + (baby) baby At this age, kids become more active and fun to be expressed in dialogue. They are interesting sounds, they imitate them. At this stage of development are particularly important electronic musical and talking toys, centers with multiple functions, walkers, designers, and cubes, shaped toys for the assembly. At this age are very important toys that baby can sort by shape, putting them in hole, pulling, comparing. So the baby appears to view the size and shape, is formed of associative thinking. 12 + (First Steps) first steps chicco At this point, kids need toys to help you explore the world around and fine motor coordination and motor skills, while providing greater security and control. Just for this age group invented the game traffic, which is so fond of Babes: horses and cars, bicycles, Toys with rope, which can be transported. Pay attention to the play sets with a certain theme – they develop curiosity, imagination and creativity. 24 + (play together) play together chicco This is quite conscious age Kids are divided by roles in the games with friends and make a choice in favor of toys that simulate the behavior of the roles and helping to invent and play situations. At this age your baby is settled individually. Including fantasy, the child begins to imitate the typical situations of the surrounding world and the behavior of adults. Gradually separated and form the manners and gender behavior. Once again, I would like to stress the importance of compliance Toy age kid. Each package chicco is the marking of age, as well as individual icons that represent the skills and abilities, whose development is a toy – auditory, visual, tactile, speech, coordination, development of imagination, logic, associative thinking, etc. Play and grow with chicco!

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May 12th, 2023 at 11:11 pm

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