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These causes can be clarified by their legal adviser who while it is analyzing its case and the labor reasons can arrive a in the heat of to determine use of the constitutional and labor laws that govern this condition in the country, an abuse authority towards their person and until asking for some type of compensation due to complications of their health by excess of work within the time established for their vacations. A labour lawyer will carry out an analysis of his situation in such a way that in the smaller time possible you will be enjoying his vacations or to reach a labor agreement with his employer so that somebody more covers its position during its absence. When visiting the content of also will be able to know that if does not have economic resources to contract the services of a particular lawyer, you have the possibility of talking and of asking for the legal representation of the lawyer who takes to the reins of the department of human resources or personnel of his company. Then they combined to guarding by the good legal operation of this establishment must have and the professionalism to appear by each one of the employees who understand the list of the company at issue. In site you will be able to find the professional of the right that will resolve the situations to him within the labor scope that appear to him at the time to day.

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May 2nd, 2014 at 7:02 pm

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