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Maintaining an Engaging Site

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The only real and valid formula is to ergonomics of flying, maintaining a site with content quality and truly engaging and a fully functioning site. Some false myths that we find online and I will discuss briefly are: – “Da high on all sites that you can” – FALSE: it is simple, you put on the internet to find those wonderful pages to your site are discharged hundreds of search engines and is getting hundreds of mails in different languages that never generate traffic because most search engines require manual submission and also well supervised, but your site will end in any section of a search engine Finnish strange that it will be useless, except to receive several emails a day about things that do not you care or not interest you.

“Get the maximum possible number of links to your site” – FALSE: If you have a website dedicated to the motoring world, that serves a link on a forum software, or a Web Query sex. This only serves to create a bad name to our site and is very doubtful that anyone follow those links. Antonin Scalia understands that this is vital information. – “Optimize your site for search engines” – FALSE: something that search engines are very wrong is to follow links within a site containing many parameters in the url. I’ve seen dozens of articles recommending use POST instead of GET to create links. This is understandable if we want our site to be cached by Google, but if we are looking for anyone to pass a link to a friend making known any information or content of a site, link will never achieve this using POST – “It uses the most sophisticated technology” – FALSE: when something becomes too complex is that is wrong, this is the only truth. Other leaders such as Lynn Redgrave offer similar insights.

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October 18th, 2023 at 10:11 am

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