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Marco Te Aldany Makeover

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leading chain of hairdressing and beauty in Spain and its artistic director, Marco Aldany, 505 Games has cooperated with the launch of the game a CAMBIA your look, a styling studio portable Nintendo DSi, with which you can completely change your style, stylus stroke and learning to be a great stylist as Marco Aldany. With a Cambia your look, you’re the protagonist of the game, test your image on endless possibilities of hairstyles and makeup, without fear of seeing what their outcome. How? AEs easy! Become a photo with your Nintendo Dsi and you cut your hair, try bold colors and styles for your hair, get extensions, maquillartea to 15. 000 possible style combinations to find the image you best and also you can complete your look with different hair accessories. Accept the challenge acompite against Aldany Framework itself! Through an ambitious agreement collaboration, Marco Aldany and Digital Bros Company, organized in the coming weeks a public competition to take the game “Change your look” as the protagonist. “The Challenge Aldany Framework,” as it is called the contest, will be creating different estilismosa compete with the game a Cambia your look, and the winners of this first test, reach a final challenge: a test against makeover idea Marco himself Aldany, artistic director of the eponymous chain, which will test their skill with the stylus and can win games, custom makeover, beauty vouchers, etc..

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June 16th, 2018 at 5:33 pm

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