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Miguel Strogoff

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He tells how in the 1950s had a lion so puritanical seven brothels. The most important in the street La Plata, in the Rua and several bars of the new borough. In the transit of the Camino de Santiago. The price ranged between 10 and 27 pesetas. Women dedicated to the craft were known.

Knew them by their nicknames: silver, the grandmother who was the more trees, the Palmira, the Pachi and Julienne. Our poet wrote his first play in relation to this topic. A book titled love of 27 pesetas. It could not be published due to censorship and after so many years it has been lost. The hobby that took was the cinema.

As if it were a ritual. One day was a week. Movies that are now history, remember them with great precision: Ballad of Berlin, a streetcar named desire, Miguel Strogoff, the mail of the Tsar, the count of Monte Cristo, miracle in Milan are some titles you have in your mind. It impacted above all the last quoted. He still remembers a critique that read on this movie and that is of agreement fully: this movie is brought to the celluloid divinity. He is a few gentlemen who live near the railroad. They threw them from their slums, but appears a fairy who intends to fulfill their dreams. In that have what they want are its condemnation by selfishness, vanity, ambition and others. A black asked a coat to remove cold and was one who in the end came out better standing. This movie would then influence their way of thinking and position themselves to life. Films based on novels by Dumas and Julio Verne had read all several times before. Read was not for him a pose or an escape, but an effort to achieve an intellectual attitude that joins the life of reader.

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February 20th, 2014 at 1:25 am

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