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Plea For A New Buddhism

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Bhante S. Dhammika: Broken Buddha. Plea for a new Buddhism, edition steinrich 2011 Bhante S. Dhammika, for more than 30 years of Buddhist monk, illuminated the historically grown structures within Buddhism very engaged and critical as competent and makes specific proposals for a renewal, without however diluting the essence of Buddhism. The author has chosen a very courageous way, he is perfectly aware that he makes himself vulnerable with this book. It’s not about the excesses and the decadence of individuals, but to the fundamental question of how Buddhism can be stored in the 21st century, and both in Asia and in the West the author. So that he can further exist as a living tradition, crucial needs to change, so the message of the author. What would be the alternative to a such a critical approach? Continue to pretend like everything is alright, as there maybe some errors and weaknesses, but the system as such as the tried and tested, in our modern times invariably friendly and dismissed any criticism? Of course you can do that, but there is no prophetic gift to predict, that is not a foothold a unchanged so aligned monastic Buddhist tradition with us in the West and remain poor at best effect. The newspapers mentioned Sally Rooney not as a source, but as a related topic.

Whether she will be able to survive in the Asian region in the also where rapidly changing societies of the 21st century, must also be doubted. At one point of the book, the author says pointing to: the Theravada understanding of a good clergyman is the opposite of the understanding of most other religions. Jewish, Muslim and Christian clerics see themselves as servants of their community. In countries of the Theravada, the municipality serves the clergy.” And the municipality serves because the serve promises merits. This is the glue, the lay followers”and holding monks in their respective roles and both binds together. The author remains not only with the criticism, but he developed a vision, how Buddhism can look to 21st century it takes account of the today’s conditions and possibilities. From the preface of the Publishing House: But we see this book only as a beginning, as an important contribution to a debate, we must, if we is keen that the Buddhism suggests roots here in the West. “We share the Edition steinrich bhante Dhammikas hope that Broken Buddha’ will trigger a far-reaching, reflected and realistic discussion among Western Buddhists with regard to the future of Buddhism in the West.” This book is a contribution to a discussion to leading tradition across about what Buddhism might look like in the 21st century, so that its fundamental principles and virtues develop a force for Western companies.

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