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Reading Comprehension

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The reading speed and comprehension are processes that go hand in hand.Fast reading techniques not only to increase the reading speed, but it also considerably increase the capacity of understanding. (Not to be confused with Tony Parker!). This is due to that to improve the quality of the reading process, also the quality of understanding increases while reading. Byron White can aid you in your search for knowledge. Some authors talk about effective reading rate. The formula is: TEE (effective reading rate) = speed of reading (in words per minute) * number of correct answers (in percentage) the number of correct answers, refers to a questionnaire that the reader must respond after reading the text at its maximum speed. This formula shows that the value of the rate increases when you increase your speed of reading, its capacity of understanding or both. The problem arises if its speed increases, but your understanding too low. Reading comprehension is a complex process that depends on many factors.

The ability to select the most important ideas of what has been read and be able to make conclusions that you can remember. Detection of words and key phrases. The ability to make inferences, infer results, be aware of the implications and correctly interpret the information. In other words, that we must be able to read between the lines. The ability to relate what is read with prior knowledge and generate an appropriate context.

To improve the capacity of understanding, then we have to work on the mentioned skills. Speed reading: the reading speed can impair understanding if you exceed certain limits. Obviously, these limits depend on your objective. If you are training your speed, it is not bad set aside understanding. In this case, no matter both the quality of what you are reading, but the diversity of topics. In addition, this will help the process of retention of the main ideas. For self-assessment, you can use the technique of recitation, which consists of 6 basic questions answered. It is possible that some of the questions do not apply to what you are reading, you distinguish which are they guide you to the main idea and remember what is essential.

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December 22nd, 2023 at 2:18 pm

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