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Let the child repeat out loud for you, rather than silently listening. Discuss their actions. Suggestive question leads the child to the correct thoughts, but try to make a final correct answer, he pronounced himself. Ears – only 20% of what a child hears – he remembers. Therefore, some of your explanations will not suffice. Eyes – 30% of what the baby sees – he learns. Draw him visual images to explain the material. Only the figures should not be boring, but funny and original, then the child will be an association, and it is easy to understand the material.

What type of treat your child? But every man some of these channels, in one degree or another predominates. There are three basic types of children in the way of mastering information. Says school psychologist Rima Lunin: Kinestichesky type. People of this type are taught primarily through direct participation and action. The child must be constantly moving, and when speaking he can not do without Gesturing. It will be good to absorb the information if the learning process combined with any activity.

Let the stresses change paints, pencils or arranges counting sticks, as long as its occupation is not distracted by others. Kinestetikam requires quiet surroundings and the possibility of movement. Ask the teacher that she allowed the child take short respite during the lesson (even baby wipe off the board, goes wet rag or help distribute all notebooks). So it is not necessary to train a diligence during homework. If the child violently forced to sit back and listen to the teacher (or mother), he did not remember anything and will lose interest in studying. He sits quietly for as long as can. With age, the child matures, and learn to follow the established norms of behavior. Visual style. Its main channel of perception – vision.

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December 30th, 2016 at 10:33 am

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