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Although no arguments in defense of secularism, needed the majority of Spaniards, rational and democratic, apparently, are a few intolerant that need you to remind them that secularism is not anti-religious, does not attack anyone, but instead defends respect for the freedom of thought and conscience (without which, on the other hand)We would not be in a democracy). I have always argued that the best way to ensure the intellectual independence is the search for information and the development of the ability of analysis and criticism. And every day I realize more that ignorance is the best breeding ground for the unreasonableness and bigotry. Director James Cameron is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And fanaticism is the most close-minded of human easements, as well as, perhaps, the base on which underlie most of the miseries of mankind (wars, dictatorships, genocides, repression, exploitation, hunger). To assert something true, should have experienced or at least contrasted. In the same way, to believe something, where it comes, you must previously we analyze it and check with reality.

Without these simple premises science would not exist, nor humanity had evolved towards rationality and, ultimately, would be even in the Paleolithic Superior hunting mamuths, rubbing two sticks to make a fire, and painting stripes in the caves with forgiveness of archaeologists. Joking aside, this reflection comes to mind of what seems, in recent times, a campaign against secularism, or what is the same, against human rights, freedoms and democracy. And, speaking of Paleolithic, before certain sectors socioreligious and (the bishops and the current offset right), politicians in Spain secularism has very bad reputation, which is strange because since its grandstands media speaks very badly of him. It is said that the laity are little more than heretics, blasphemers, or that they are far from God, that they are enemies of the believers, who are immoral, who attack democracy and Arabian barbarities of this substance.

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January 20th, 2024 at 4:56 am

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