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State Unitary Enterprise

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The film, which I wanted to see called “Long Goodbye”. Directed by S. Ursulyak. Talk about the merits of the film now has no meaning to it there is always criticism. I can only say that this movie is a bit “Cinema is not for everyone.” In other words, a movie for a small number of spectators. Although it is not clear who makes such criteria movies. This movie I could not look at the time of its release of the film.

On tape or dvd on it now, no. Therefore, looking magazine, which prints the repertory theater, I found that in the cinema “Sunrise” this film is declared. Cinema “Sunrise” is a typical movie theater built 70-ies. When there was a restructuring of cinema has decayed and ceased to perform their functions. Two years ago I was near the cinema, the spectacle horrible. All the foyer of the cinema was given a bar, restaurant and grocery store. About Cinemas and even say no. And suddenly, I’m reading and my eyes are not I believe cinema “Sunrise” earned, but under the auspices of the State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Cinema.

And, happily that rolled really high-quality home movies. I went to the cinema 20 minutes before the start of film show. The spectacle, as the two years ago. Nothing has changed. Very scary and sad. Only weighs poster: “Once again we show the movie.” Through the main entrance and was taken in the so-called foyer of the cinema.

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January 11th, 2014 at 12:37 pm

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