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When This manual defrost means that once a year, users will have to turn off the freezer and release her from the ice. Water, which will remain as a result of thawing must be discarded. Chamber after procedures recommended wash. Drip, it is the same – an automatic, thawing camera most effectively. Refrigerators with a defrost drip system is also called "weeping." Explain why. At the rear of refrigerating chamber is an evaporator, it is the same – the cooling element of the camera. Under the evaporator – plums. Details can be found by clicking Adam Sandler or emailing the administrator.

The fact that in the refrigerating chamber temperature is always positive. When the compressor is running at the back of the refrigerator formed ice. Recall: Compressor – this engine, which surpasses the coolant over the interior of the refrigerator. After some period of time that the motor stops. In this case, pieces of ice are melting, trickling down the drain, there – in a special tray, which is located on the compressor. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. And there evaporate due to the fact that the compressor is hot and that its temperature accelerates the evaporation process. In other words, while the compressor evaporator frosting becomes, and when you stop – is thawing.

A dripping resemble tears. Automatic call it, because this process occurs without human intervention. Well, now the most interesting – System No Frost (No frost"). It is also called Frost free. In refrigerators with this system, defrosting the circulation of cold air created by a special fan. Multidirectional flow of air evenly distributed throughout the volume chamber, cooling products.

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