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Dr.Hauschka cosmetics and WALA medicines which enjoy solar bad Boll/eckwalden, Germany, 12.07.2010/ib for many people is the summer that the long days in the open air can enjoy best time of the year when the sun warms the air and water and you. After a day in the Sun, the skin despite sun protection can be easily irritated and heated, it seems drier than usual. She will need a care with which she can recover. Click Pop star for additional related pages. From Dr.Hauschka cosmetics there with the after-Sun lotion, the Revitalmaske and the skin treatment sensitive pampering care products after the sunbath. And in the case of too much sun on the skin helps the WALA wound and fire gel. The intensely nourishing Dr.Hauschka after-Sun lotion gives a wonderfully cooling freshness. You relaxes and soothes the delicate, Sun-stressed skin after sunbathing by valuable ingredients such as Marigold and kidney vetch.

The light-absorbing lotion supports the regeneration with carrot and Quince seeds. Almond oil, Shea butter and rose wax care intensively and helping the stressed skin to retain moisture. So the Tan will remain longer. After an enjoyable day in the Sun, the skin deserves special attention because despite sun protection she can be easily irritated or heated and dry than usual. She is also easily flushed, especially in the face then soothes the Dr.Hauschka Revitalmaske Sun-stressed skin and regulates their natural moisture content. The composition with quince, kidney vetch and Chamomile stimulates the skin and helps it retain moisture.

Sun allergies and too much sun the Dr.Hauschka skin treatment softens the first heat sensitive. The itching and unpleasant burning calm down shortly after applying the vial content with its valuable medicinal plant extracts and minerals in the form of diluted, more rate/rhythm. Who actually got a sunburn can ensure WALA wound with fire gel for fast pain relief and supply of the affected skin area. Medicinal plants like the small stinging nettle and arnica help verletzten skin with their acute analgesic and decongestant force. Calendula, Comfrey, and tree of life promote and organize the healing process. Wound and fire gel combines these medicinal plants to a powerful composition, which helps quickly and reliably insect bites and many other minor injuries. Non-binding price recommendations for the mentioned Dr.Hauschka cosmetic products: Dr.Hauschka after-Sun lotion (100 ml): 10.90 euro Dr.Hauschka Revitalmaske (30 milliliters): 22,00 euro Dr.Hauschka skin treatment sensitive, 10 ampoules: 16,50 euros, 50 ampoules: 55,00 euro ingredients Dr.Hauschka after-Sun lotion: water, extracts from rosehip and Quince seeds, alcohol, glycerin, almond oil, Shea butter, extracts of carrot, ice plant and kidney vetch, apricot kernel oil, extract from fatty alcohols, Hektorit, bee wax, Marigold, rose wax, Lecithin, xanthan gum, essential oils, jojoba oil, propolis. Ingredients Dr.Hauschka Revitalmaske: water, extract from Quince seeds, alcohol, glycerin, wheat germ oil, extracts from kidney vetch and Borage,. Fatty alcohols, apricot kernel oil, peanut oil, extract from Chamomile, jojoba oil, bentonite, excerpt from carrot, propolis, essential oils, lecithin, xanthan gum, chlorophyll. Ingredients Dr.Hauschka sensitive skin treatment: water, essential oils, extracts of Borage, Chamomile, rosehip, Southernwood, Witch Hazel, speedwell and Eichenrinde1, Perle1, Malachit1, sodium chloride. 1 in the diluted, more rate/rhythm form required for the referred specimen: WALA wound and fire gel applications according to the anthroposophical people and nature awareness. Burns and 1st and 2nd degree burns, sunburns, allergic hypergische skin diseases (dermatitis), insect bites, abrasions and ulcers. WALA wound and fire gel is available exclusively in pharmacies. It is offered in a 30 g aluminum tube to 7.79 euros.

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