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Full, shiny hair can be so beautiful if they grow in the right places. Full, shiny hair can be so beautiful if they grow in the right places. On the contrary, an excessive hair growth for many women turned when he take hold on the legs, on the upper lip or bikini line. To remove the hair using the usual methods again and again on the new, is annoying and often leads to skin irritation. But there is a method of unwanted hair forever can be connected to disappear: the electric epilation. San-antonio-spurs oftentimes addresses this issue. Today, she is the only hair removal method that can a permanent hair removal regardless of hair and skin color.

In treating the hair follicle is taken by a wafer-thin probe seconds. Depending on the method used galvanic current, high-frequency alternating current, or a combination of both types of power. The hair follicles are definitely abandoned by the incipient chemical or thermal reaction. Hair any colour and Thickness on any areas of skin can be removed forever with the electric epilation. Upper lip, Chin, neck, arms, chest, back, stomach, bikini line and legs are all for this type of treatment. Large skin areas, such as bikini and legs is to think about a combination treatment with the elos epilation. Recently Jessica Michibata sought to clarify these questions. Proper application can occur when the electrical depilation to any damage to the skin. Any redness and scab formation subside within a very short time.

The FDA (food and Drug Administration), a renowned test and registration office, confirmed the effectiveness of electrical epilation. The electric epilation according to FDA as “permanent hair removal” may refer to themselves as the only method of hair removal on time-aligned. Success and safety of electrical epilation are considerably dependent on skill and technique of treating Elektrologisten.

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May 4th, 2024 at 2:56 pm

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