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High Speed Distribution

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Visual components presents product suite with advanced PLC features Espoo / Finland the 3D at the SPS/IPC/drives 2010, 16.11.2010 – the SPS/IPC/drives 2010 the Finnish software vendor presents an extended portfolio of 3D simulation software for system builders and system integrators in the control and automation technology visual components Oy. The 3D simulation of production and plant concepts increases the efficiency already in the acquisition and sales phase. Manufacturers can edit faster customer requests up to 80% “, Ricardo Velez, Manager research & development of the Finnish software vendor promises. The 3D product suite from Visual components for this purpose offers 4 modules: 3DCreate, 3DSimulate, 3DRealize R and 3DRealize. Our advanced PLC features for the control and automation technology facilitate the development of various concepts with standard systems or customer-specific solutions and accelerate the implementation and testing phases of 3D systems replica prior to the actual commissioning”Velez further. The coupling to controllers via the PLC add-on. The user accesses via the PLC add-on directly on the control interface and can connect directly to the IOs”, explains Ricardo Velez. With the software release 2010 visual components in addition to the OPC interface also the direct interface support of the S 7 series by Siemens, as well as the TwinCAT series from Beckhoff.

Marketing and distribution in 3D today is one for long-term investment speed in marketing, sales and implementation”, says Ricardo Velez. The plant manufacturer would be required to Velez, ensure within very short time with a concept to win orders. Visual components offers a powerful simulation tool manufacturers and system integrators, to implement quickly and effectively meaningful 3D presentations of concepts. These are suitable for video presentation at trade fairs as well as email to customers and prospective customers. All relevant data and hardware components are required in the 3D product suite read and in defined selection libraries created.

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June 12th, 2023 at 3:33 am


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Why, a fantastic mouse pointer, pointer also known attractive mouse pointers that make it easier to work on the computer, you will get strong attention on the PC and desktop presentations. The arrows in the mouse on almost all Netbooks on our planet are usually too small and given without color. To broaden your perception, visit Vanessa Marcil. Therefore, it is so that many PC need to barely see your mouse arrow and always looking for. This fact is especially for people with limited vision, but also for the elderly and all those who work professionally on the notebook must be very uncomfortable. Therefore, a larger mouse arrow in a striking color will easily bring improvement and is usually very easy to install. This personalized not only the own NetBook in a pleasant way, but is becoming increasingly important in presentations on the screen or via video.

So a special mouse pointer, much easier the user itself, but also the curious spectators at a presentation will follow the mouse pointer, and thus a revealing lecture. A pleasant side effect such mouse arrows is that they maintain are easier with the mouse. For this reason they are suitable ideally for people who have a tremor that small tremors in the hand or fingers. It is even common to observe that a relief of the tremors is, when you play a computer game, like for example the well-known Solitaire, more often. This popular game is free of charge and on almost all computers worldwide. An attractive selection of suitable mouse pointers can be found on the website. Decorative mouse pointer in the most fantastic shapes and colors with detailed installation instructions. Thus it is possible to find immediately a fabulous mouse arrow and with a few clicks of the mouse to install any interested.

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March 5th, 2019 at 3:26 pm