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Felix Mendelssohn think that a life dedicated to music is a life beautifully used, and that's what I spent mine. Extraordinary musical talent Luciano Pavarotti, one of the biggest in Germany, who gave us scores, works that have endured over time and it very well on the review. Epdlp.com trachea was born on February 3, 1809 in Hamburg and real name was Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Grandson of the famous Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, he adopted his middle name, Bartholdy, when the family received an inheritance from a relative with this surname, although it is known by his first name. As a child the whole family converted to Protestantism. Precocious genius was as a child he met Goethe and received a careful education.

At age 9 Mendelssohn made his debut as a pianist since the age of 11 played his first composition. He composed the overture Dream summer night when she was 17 and the work that contains the famous "Wedding March '17 years later. His teachers included the composer and pianist Ignaz Moscheles Czech and German composer Carl Zelter. A Mendelssohn is credited with having rediscovered the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, the premiere in 1829 the St Matthew Passion. His life, his work is full of very interesting aspects that can not be ignored as: As a composer, there was a time when Mendelssohn was asked: Richard Wagner did not appreciate and the Nazis banished from the concert halls. It is the conductor Kurt Masur to whom over all, thank the "Mendelssohn Renaissance" that began in the seventies of the twentieth century.

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