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Reaching Siberia by Rail

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In the far reaches of Siberia, rail and sea are often the only means of transport. In the short ice-free summer months offers here for travelers an affordable and exciting travel option: Even for around 3000 rubles (about 100), there are the four days cruise in first class on the rivers and whether – but on a ship of the line. Who can dispense with a German tour guide, folklore performances on board and luxury in the cabin with a ship of the line is the serves excellent. Every three weeks the ships the Arctic Circle. Whether the route on and leads through the almost uninhabited landscapes of the north-west of Siberia, past small villages and towns, of which only a very few ever have a paved road. By boat here everyday goods are delivered.

Large luxury one should not expect the river journey, even in first class cabins are simply furnished double, toilets are in the Community should use and toilet paper you – as almost always bring with them to Russia Travel – best themselves. The journey can be done with the train: Omsk on the route of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, from there to the junction line Omsk. After the river trip, you can connect from the Arctic Circle lie the loneliest railway – the ‘Polar arrow “- of the settlements and towns of the north with the industrial centers of Russia. Travellers should have for the tours at least a basic knowledge of the Russian Language: Not necessarily someone speaks on board or on the trains German or English. Who wants to be sure to get a ticket on the ship, should fund in advance of the trip one of the small, regional travel agencies on site with the ticket booking for boat and train.

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November 15th, 2014 at 11:21 am

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