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How excited we us about PRISM? We even first return on its doorstep! All the fuss to PRISM is – in my opinion, subjective, based on life experience they’re all just a media campaign for or against a part eilische alignment. The notes or questions: How many terrorist attacks would have been carried, how many people would have been hurt or killed if Germany had no specific indication in advance of the attack plans from the United States and this could prevent the attacks, was allowed. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say. Ultimately, we are mature and responsible for our actions on the Internet. We look to your own door and we ensure that the demands of our data protection act are respected, what is not obvious in the 43rd year of the existence of the German data protection. What has happened? In July 2013 – so 2 months ago the Bavarian imposed a fine on an E-Mail senders, which are unfortunately all too many E-Mail addresses in the CC field of the E-Mail data protection supervisory had (px.vc/3zstb). Therefore, all recipients of the E-mail could read who had received the mail.

For “me as a receiver” a gladly-seen information from the I can draw some conclusions. It would have been real, to accommodate all the recipient addresses in the BCC field. Then none of the E-Mail recipients could see, who has yet received the mail. And now imagine, so a slip would have happened the Beate Uhse mail order! Just an example, not happened something like that! Embarrassing or? I have informed – as privacy and IT security service provider – immediately round email my customers and assume that these instructions on fertile soil fell “my privacy and IT security officer” responded and immediately explaining carefully made their clientele on this issue. And what does the Saarland State Chancellery, the Office of the Saarland Minister-President Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer is? With the same foot, your own facts, same use of CC distributor! The head of the Public relations of the Saarland State Chancellery sent this mail (px.vc/5wcbf) to the 10.9.2013 and I fall from the clouds. A bloderer error can not happen a Department head – and also a Professor -! Or? But what underlies such stupid things? Now, I must assume, that the Commissioner of Saarland State Chancellery, is listed in the organization chart (px.vc/lx1ui) without name and mail address in section C7 does not fulfil his duties! Is this again a placebo-DSB? He has the task to align its organization according to the requirements of the data protection act.

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November 17th, 2023 at 11:02 am

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