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Copiers to color in the past, print color implied a high cost, now no longer so. There are multifunctional versatile color of hybrid design. These powerful mulch-tasking teams are responding to the rapid process and distribution of documents required in today’s modern office. Currently there are models with features: copying, printing, fax, internet, document encryption, 1200 dpi resolutions, higher color quality. They can also be ordered print size, your business cards.

So of full color copiers can be found. Allows administrators and staff view and remotely control the LCD panel from any PC on the network. Such as; applications of help desk, settings of remote service on the MFP and OSA (software language translator) application development. Glenn Dubin, New York City shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You can assign which users can print to color and who not. There are separate supplies, each of the components is extended to the maximum of his life, his replacement of cartridge is quick, reducing downtime. They have a device to alert when you are about to run out any cartridge.

They offer encryption of documents (request for key to be able to access to confidential information). Disqualification of Protocol and port for maximum security management and occupy a small space. Its advanced, but easy to use, features help you maximize efficiency, simplify the document flow and reduce the costs of operation with this new generation of copiers to color. On the other hand with color prints we have greater opportunity to recall with the client, presentation of our work is much better. It has been scientifically proven that when the brain detects a pure black and white brain not captures and does not hold and saves it in the memory as much as when presented you texts and graphics to color.This is due to the famous * mind maps (part of the strategies of accelerated learning implemented in universities as the Technological de Monterrey in) Mexico) are made in color, omitting the black.As regards the type of ink is already with another innovation besides its high resolution, they also have second generation technology of toner fine micro, which are tiny particles of toner area which provides an image nonuniform to your coverage and offers a less than conventional toner consumption rate. Resulting output high resolution, produce sharper images, clearly show fine designs into the text and graphs. To manage them, at first can cause a bit of confusion simply because they are new equipment, but is only confused by that fact since your interface have a wide 8.5, touch high resolution display with easy to read menus and icons of operation intuitive. do has not happened already that it ended print realizes that this was not the file?, since these new computers allow visual confirmation before printing, also provides a thumbnail view of the stored works in the system for the presentation of documents and available both functions from the web page. This work having preview can also be retained or a fax received in memory before printing. The workflow is simplified since it distributes documents to more than 7 recipients. On the transfer of documents have a front USB port, supporting the most common formats.

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August 22nd, 2023 at 7:33 pm

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