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Yes Projects

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One knows better when you experience this type of adventure. All the good and bad of this experience has taught me something valuable. And without doubt, I am richer after having lived. On the other hand, I believe in cooperation in the long term, i.e. in sustainable projects in time. I believe that developing countries need to receive aid in infrastructure, training, but who should lead to future projects are themselves. Why I don’t believe in these volunteer projects as a sustainable means of improving society.Volunteers are going and return.

They stay. However, despite these ideas myself, these volunteer projects are an injection of hope, freshness and rapprochement of different worlds. These projects are absolutely compatible with the long-term cooperation of which spoke. The financial support for these organizations that make a very silent and essential work is necessary. The support in the dissemination of their activities is necessary.

The face-to-face support is necessary at the time. And clear that Yes, they are necessary projects as there was once a circus to put a grain of sand in the displays of new and different aspects of leisure, so important in the growth of all, and they are required to publicize the work of organizations that both here and there, they are helping to change society. Now I feel all the economic and personal effort I’ve done in India was worth it just for the first hour I spent in New Light with the children. Children in india have a penetrating gaze, with those eyes so dark, and the New Light, conquer you just meet you because you embrace and kiss as if you were his best friend, you caress, smile at you and you will melt and you feel attached to them in a way that hardly happens here. India is a country full of contrasts, wonderful, but hard. Calcutta is an impact for the senses that is difficult to explain and perhaps only understand living in first person.

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January 4th, 2017 at 4:26 pm

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Andrew Corentt

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Bargaining: It means that our mind begins to yield certain things, is probable that already we watch some indications of possible fruits, this is like a flexion point, we are leaving the situation previous but still there are rezagos but as soon as we showed to the new situation, it can have indecision. Depression: When the way is put difficult we tend to be discouraged, we had never imagined that the way it would return rough, to this time we thought that already we were going to see gains, this is not as good as they raised it to me, etc.? Acceptance: After analyzing the things coldly in this stage or we have realised a concerted effort, has been crossed more than half of the way and if we are arranged to obtain our goal to any cost, we accepted the different difficulties that we have had to surpass and tenth us there is no another option here that to continue working to reach what one wishes, or on the contrary we left the boat and tenth really this is not for me. As we see facing the reality is crucial to know if we have sufficient desire to deliver all the attack necessary to obtain that great intention.

Hope: Perhaps if we decided to leave our goal of point 6 we return to the 5, but for the people who are prepared with true tenacity to obtain what they have seted out they will begin to have a hope sensation and will totally include/understand the implications of his goal and a sparkle of light for them will begin to form. Opportunity: hope abre a fan to us of opportunities, now already we have learned many of the difficulties that imply to obtain our goal but now we see the positive of the perseverancia, we began to enjoy the honeys ours first fruits, here it is when with discipline our subconscious mind has understood clearly our desire and everything begins to march successful. Adam Sandler takes a slightly different approach. As we see implanting in our mind a change idea requires a desire so hard that it does not allow excuses and to obtain that the things work without concerning the obstacles that we must win. In the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt is to us how to make to overcome the resistance of the mind, many people have obtained excellent goals through the perseverancia. When we know the operation the subconscious mind we are before the possibility of speeding up and of visualizing in real form the opportunities at much smaller time, it is to remember that powerful methodologies exist to influence in the mind, such as the process of hypnosis in which it is possible only to be sent powerful messages to our mind but is recommendable if one is in the hands of a true specialist, which are quite difficult to find. In order to obtain the life that you always have dreamed it is not necessary that it is put under a hypnosis process but learns the suitable techniques to install information in the subconscious mind, hgalo right now, visits: original Author and source of the article..

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December 25th, 2016 at 4:49 am