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Attractive Properties

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Matter exists in space and time 1. Inertial and gravitational mass properties are manifested in time. Additional information at Sela Ward supports this article. Therefore, it appears that reflectance properties of the mass required is complex "space", a device which would include and time. In the framework of the particle, which reflects the properties of mass and the hereafter – the object model developed space-time (hereinafter – the space) and the parameters of the medium filling the space. Space is characterized by a specific device, it differs from the space-time, adopted a total theory of relativity 1.

Environment is characterized by two parameters (constants). A model of the process, reflecting in part a common mechanism, the properties of gravitational and inertial mass. The process is characterized one parameter – q, where q = const. Properties of objects in the interaction between them, when moving objects in space have been analyzed using the methods of classical physics. Since the exact solution most cases could not be obtained, to implement options for simplification. As a result, we obtain the following. If the interaction of two sets of objects, fixed relative to each other (as a whole), located on the distance l between them, provided that their sizes are small compared with l, then between them there is the attractive force F (kq) (nq) / l 2 (1) where k and n – the number of objects in the aggregate. Equation (1) like law of gravity 1, and its component parts and kq nq proportional to gravitational mass.

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