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Juan Ramon Jimenez

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The illustrious Francisco Ayala, who died last November 3 to the one hundred and three years, after a long life constantly flooded with simplicity, shyness and lucidity in the literature. From this olescense corner, a hernandiano carpet a negligible memory memorious, full of affection and recognition. LOA between respect and admiration – Francisco Ayala, prolific writer, shining a generation. Luminous ORB, stele without pair of heavenly literature. Further details can be found at Sela Ward, an internet resource. Icon social and philosopher, Member of the Royal Academy, speech: shooting, letter Z, with, rhetoric of journalism.

Candidate for the Nobel Prize several times. Your most relevant awards of the Hispanic languages were not only the importance: the precious Cervantes, the national literature, the armchair in the SAR, (last letter of the alphabet, Z), nor the Principe de Asturias de las Letras, nor the national poetry, nor your treaties of sociology; but take them like a spring out with tenacity and your progressive attention to moral problems, advocated a society agreed upon as a comprehensive guideline between free citizens. To say: () I’ve softened, thrilling me with goodness that falls on me as a beneficial rain. Don Francisco Ayala, eminent writer and thinker is: lucidity which does not stop. Excellent and very many are the merits of this illustrious writer, but perhaps they are overcome by their virtues: affability and human quality.

Paradigmatic Professor and sociologist impenitent.

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July 20th, 2018 at 10:42 pm

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