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The Fact

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– I immediately took the cake. Until I finally realized that I was standing in the doorway and he can not enter. – Yes! Of course! Of course, pour! Come in! – Recovering from the shock, I faltered. He was wearing a light shirt, light blue jeans and a bright light shoes. He was about around 30 years. taaaakogo beautiful person in my life I've never met! There are cute, are pleasant, sometimes even beautiful, but this one was perfect, as if retouched for gloss. Do not tan at home to measure podkachennom body, snow white, completely smooth set of teeth, medium length dark hair, bold, slightly narrowed, her brown eyes.

– Artem! – He introduced himself. – 'Thoroughbred elite male! " – I thought, are presented. The latest mobile phone model, carelessly thrown on the table and fresh, pungent smell of cologne doroguschy left no doubt that the standard of living was clearly Artem above average. Kitchen, tea, cake, attendants to explore topics like something a little conversation ensued. Artem worked in television commercials. He had left was a huge amount of advertising tales about our stars, funny and absurd situations that occur during filming. I also did not lag behind.

My collection of anecdotes and stories from the life and work, too, went into operation. Then we talked about of internet dating, laugh at how each of us waiting for the results of the musical dice. Artem praised my tea with thyme and admired the fact that I is such a brave, not afraid to play a blind date.

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November 10th, 2013 at 5:11 am

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