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The subject of the communication between people, in family relationships, couples, parents and children, between co-workers, among others this so threshed in these times, and inexplicably ended up walled with the other and mostly incommunicado in those relationships in which most needed INTIMACY and sincerity, the closest, couple, children and family, and are those really greatly affect the quality of our lives. Communication is not another thing that be able to express the way more clear, diaphanous and sincere to the other party, what we are feeling we have felt, at the rate of an event or fact which led us or has moved the soul, or as we say in Creole, the floor, making staggering for a time our sense of balance internal, making us lose the value for periods of time most precious: our inner peace. ntonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29’>Spurs for more clarity on the issue. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sela Ward and gain more knowledge.. To succeed in communicating to the other party that really felt needed to be put us in direct contact with our emotions, and identify them; It seems impossible, but in lot of opportunities people are not in the ability to recognize and identify clearly that is what is happening inside, thus hindering the ability of the individual to express clearly to the other party their feelings and needs with equanimity and firmness, and what not, love. So it is that before an event that has disturbed us the spirit and the soul, producing us temporarily short circuit in our relationships since communication has been blocked, as well as when the signal falls in our internet surfing systems, and for a few moments, which at times can be eternal, we are unable to address other appropriate ways so that the message can reach without noise and static that may affect the quality of the same, is necessary to call a ceasefire and undertake a retreat towards our interior, and in the silence of our minds and spirits, we will be able to properly interpret our emotions, to express them to subsequent verifications of consonas ways to time and circumstances. . For even more opinions, read materials from Anchin Block.

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October 1st, 2016 at 1:32 pm

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