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The Dress

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Sierre your windows to keep out daylight and work with the lighting that you bring, remember if you are using in the room will have two different lighting and color problems or your video will come out very yellow dye. BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO RECORD: Make a recording in evidence; no tape just look on your monitor to see the image quality before you start recording, if you satisfied with what it looks like your monitor, start recording. Otherwise, arrange. READY TO RECORD: Once off the dress on the bed starts to burn slowly dress and all the memories. NOTE: When recording, just think you are saying or talking what he sees with his camera, is detailed. RECORD TIME OF THE BRIDE: Regularly, brides if they are not combed and arranged not like to go out in the video, avoid the hassle of recording not to use extra material, ask them beforehand if you want to go out with chongos up and no makeup and if says yes, burn it and place it in the video and tell them you do not like extra charges for re-editing and copper do well. A BIT OF HUMOR BEFORE RECORD: All the brides are tense and nervous and so many occasions when you are shaking and most have never been in front of a camera with lighting.

Talk to the bride is good to create a trust with the family and girlfriend mainly. DIRECTOR is a tender and kind. YELL NO, NOT REQUIRED.

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June 10th, 2011 at 9:59 am

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