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The Tormes As

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Normally, we do not remember that we have the river. This is fortunate because if we begin to observe it, the neglect and abandonment of its banks would plunge us into a collective depression. Before, it occurred to us not only to us. Bilbao, for example, be accommodated to the river Nervion that, by that of the historical exploitation of open-cast iron, had become a sewer. More or less at the opening of the Guggenheim museum, someone must have thought that a museum could not be erected next to a real flow of liquid sewage, so they clean up the river. ” Today, a pleasure to see or at least does not produce the grime of the past, when people fall to it did not die of drowning, but because of its stench. More obvious still is the case of Valencia, where the diversion has Turia riverbed landscaping and make it a place of leisure and entertainment, along a route that goes from the large art gallery of St.

Pius V to the very modern and protein City of Arts and Science. Of course the river wear the other party had its origin in the terrible flood of 1957, and is not the oven today to floods or other rolls that allow revolutionize the Tormes and their environment so let’s leave it in place but, yes , as a whistle, which is not the case. I still remember the controversy three years ago between the City and the Hydrographic Confederation of who had the responsibility of its maintenance, not to claim it, but to remove the dead top. It seems clear today that the bank has the responsibility of the municipalities and the channel for the Confederacy, but if you want rice, Catalina … Only the actions of a minority consciousness neighbors occasionally bring it up the river cleaning. On Saturday, scores of them stationed in the stretch of the bridge to Prince of Asturias Arrabal Acena devoted to fish instead of fish, tires, plastics, bottles and other detritus. His, unfortunately, is a solitary and symbolic action ratifies the collective disinterest by a river and wanted for themselves many towns in Spain.

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October 27th, 2010 at 1:20 am

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