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The organic garden is one that uses all the products and techniques needed in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables or fruit in a completely natural way, such products used must also be of organic origin and recommended especially for this purpose. And is understood as products fertilizers, plant protection, materials of tutored and even seeds and seedlings used in cultivation. The organic garden is in itself a choice, every day with more fans into the world of the bricojardineria. At the professional level has a strong legislation to guarantee that products reaching consumers meet all the necessary requirements. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez may find it difficult to be quoted properly. As we say, to have an organic garden, everything should be referred within this concept.

One of the first factors to keep in mind is the ground and understand it and care for it is vital. A healthy soil in him living a complex community of helpful organisms in perfect balance, it will give us plantassanas, resistant and more productive. Among the work to be in account is to remove the Earth above about 20 centimeters in depth each campaign for a spongy, airy texture. Ideal time to enrich it with the incorporation of a natural compost, or providing the organic garden fertilizers specially manufactured for this. Can we create natural compost in the garden through composting box in which we will incorporate the remains of pruning or mowings’s own garden, along with organic vegetables in kitchen. As we say, specially manufactured for the organic garden fertilizers must be perfectly tagged, being usually manufactured naturally based on humus, seaweed extracts, manure of horse, etc. Another factor to consider is the care to keep it free of elements that attract pests such as for example collect fruit and vegetables that are drooping or ripened. And is very useful to encourage wildlife in the garden, install nests for birds that greatly helps the attraction of many beneficial insects.

Food, water and shelter they are keys to keeping a good community of neighbours in a garden, being so essential the proper choice and arrangement of plants. The choice of species and varieties is a notable topic in the organic garden. The native species, aromatic and culinary, give us a range of endless possibilities that does not neglect the final objective. In the case of acquiring seeds, we must also ensure the labelling of the envelope, which should go plant material identified clearly as ecological variety. This means that in its process of obtaining all the necessary requirements are fulfilled for that to happen. Water as a scarce commodity, must be well managed in the case of irrigation, if possible, creating different spaces for different ecosystems or water needs. The local irrigation, segmenting areas related, watering hours of less heat, use water collected from rain, mulching or padding applied to avoid increased evaporation are options that combined among themselves help to save water. In addition to ecological Garden, you must be respectful with the environment. In terms of plant protection, any source organic and eco-friendly. Recently, many of them have legislated as products plant strengtheners, prepared with 100% organic that act as protective and preventive pest and plant diseases.

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February 12th, 2023 at 1:56 pm

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