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Brazilian People

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The BRAZILIAN CRISIS IS DE INFRAESTRUTURA the Brazilian economy is pujante, more for the creative and dynamic spirit of the Brazilian people of what for action of government. One sees indications of growth in some sectors of the economy and an enormous will of the economic agents in creating new businesses or extending the existing businesses already. But all these efforts, almost born in the Brazilians, esbarram in the bureaucracy that the public administration imposes to the private initiative, wants either in the administrative scope, tributary and inspector, want either in the most complete lack of infrastructure that hinders the growth of the economy the steps widest. Not to say that the government has not made nothing in infrastructure terms, we go to say that we have a good infrastructure of credit, what, lamentably we do not have in other fronts important to dinamizar the economy. I still speak of the road, port and aeroporturia infrastructure and of the infrastructure of support in what it refers to the formation of hand of workmanship specialized through of courses technician that make with that the economic activities finish for having a brake in its leverage.

In the road infrastructure we have precariously tarred roads and we yearn for highways of tracks duplicates that, beyond favoring the economic growth in the bookstore of the tragedies that lives cut with a scythe human beings and mutilate people, overloading ours already precarious system of health. In this in case that, the solution already is of the knowledge of all, which is the privatization with the consequent duplication of our highways and also in the magnifying of the airports and the ports, as much of already the existing ones as in the execution of new projects of these three important ways of transports. With the adoption of one bolder politics in the question of the road, port and aeroporturia infrastructure, the economic agents will be able to develop its economic and enterprising abilities, with more easiness in the draining of substances cousins and products and greater easiness in the mobility of the economic agents, who, for itself only, they stimulate the economy. Certainly another necessary investment is accurately in the formation of workmanship hand technique specialized for the existing sectors in each region of Brazil, as the natural, typical and peculiar trends of each locality or region. Today we are attending the companies to form, most of the time of possible more rudimentary form, the hand of necessary workmanship to its activities. Finally we need to argue, of low for top, the necessities to become the less bureaucratic and less interventionist Brazilian State in the private initiative. We need to still argue, of low for top, the alterations in the Brazilian legislation, either it would tax or administrative, so that these norms do not create impediments to the economic development. As example we can cite the difficulty of the small entrepreneur in relation to a simple subject, but that it becomes complex when we deal with the shareholding control of a society for action where the shareholding control is exercised by who withholds more of 50% of the capital of the company, whereas in the too much societrios types this exactly societrio control if of when a person withholds more than 75% of the capital of the company, in a true paradox. This is only one example and many other problems can be solved of simple form, but it does not have an interest of our authorities in knowing and trying to decide these problems, of low for top.

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April 27th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

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